Our team & mission

Agile Publishing was founded by the research group TASSU 2020. Currently we are a company of five doctors of science and four start-up veterans. Our CEO and Editor in Chief is M.Sc. Esko Clarke-Sario.

Our mission is to provide interesting books, reports, and articles to the wide academic audience, and to help authors by giving them an agile channel for peer reviewed publications.


Our main sponsor and financial partner is the Media Industry Research Foundation of Finland

We support academic writers with the mentoring services offered by professor Juha T. Hakala. For editing, translation, and printing services and for audiobook distribution, we have an established network of qualified partners.


Contact us

We are constantly seeking for new peer reviewers (fixed pay). We would currently need a D.Sc. with a major in onomastics, archaeology, or ancient history. Please, contact us by writing to info@agilepublishing.fi, or contact directly our Editor in Chief, Esko.ClarkeSario (x)agilepublishing.fi.